Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plantarium 2011 and stuff

Things have been hectic over the summer months, difficult to dicipline time aside to write any blog posts. We have just completed another Plantarium show in Netherlands.
Plantarium seemed a quieter show this year yet quality and quantity of serious enquires were up on last year. This years show again attracted a lot of visitors from USA and our business there continues to progress despite the general economic downturn and uncertain year this year. Of course if we were fortunate enough to live in better times I am sure we like everyone would be a lot happier but possibly slow growth will make us stronger.

We have been holding back a little from announcing some of our newest plants for 2012 but I assure you all that will change in the coming months and we will feature some of our new key plants for 2012 as we build towards IPM 2012 which takes place at the end of January and this will be our 6th year exhibiting at this great show. I have loaded some pictures from Plantarium 2011 to my facebook page.

Plantarium 2011 had a stronger focus this year on hardy woody plants and our Nandina got great attention. Our Carex range continues to attract great interest and our newest addition Carex Everillo is off to a fantastic start. Everillo amongst plenty of our other Carex was on two growers stands at Plantarium and they report great interest in this plant. While hardy and woody plants are making a resurgence Cordyline and spot colour is also forging ahead so long as its not too expensive the public hunger for colour is unstoppable. Sometimes we may forget we are not only growing plants but also providing colour in peoples environment and this is one important function of plants. If you look closely at peoples expressions when they look at plants you will son learn plants can be responsible for positive mood swings and this i s due in no small part to the influence of colour, at least I believe so. I did a post a while back on my blog on some plants that bring such colour. I need to update this urgently as so many additional colours are now coming in very hardy easy care plants.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the fading light of summer and hopefully we can have one of those beautiful Septembers we sometimes get in this part of the world.