Saturday, July 4, 2009

MyPlant Art Exhibition Painting

Cordyline Festival Grass first of many paintings in our MyPla... on Twitpic
Festival Grass
You can soon buy one of these and a few other MyPlant Limited Edition Prints from us just email if interested.

Painting of Astelia chatmatica planted into Carex testacea on Twitpic
Astelia Silver Spear

Libertia Goldfinger in MyPlant Art Gallery nice to see modern... on Twitpic

Libertia Goldfinger


  1. Dear Pat, You definitely have a way with colors! I think that is what I like the most about your postings; how you combine the right texture and palette. I am not used to see these kinds of arrangements anywhere else but here.

  2. Wonderful painting... I just found you on Twitter. Can't wait to return to see what you share next.


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