Saturday, May 16, 2009

Easy Care Container Plants

Easy care Plants to liven up small gardens, balconies and patios all year round.
Put some life and colour into your home surroundings Summer, Autumn and Winter. In today’s topsy-turvy world the one place we can have some refuge and surround ourselves with beautiful things of our choosing is our home and garden. Whether you have a small garden a balcony garden, a large garden or something in between, the plants you choose to surround your home with are an important part of the ambience you create. At MyPlant we have been thinking of your changing plant needs as we develop the MyPlant range. One of the basic considerations in our plant testing for the MyPlant range has been what garden and living spaces are going to be like in the future and how much energy do we need to grow these plants for you.
A number of years ago I developed a presentation called ‘New Plants New Spaces’ for a nursery conference and since then I presented this paper on a few occasions. This concept has become part of the MyPlant philosophy for testing different plants from microclimates around the world to use in applications which in some ways mimic the plants natural environment.
If we look at the modern garden plant container or patio border as possibly more like a crevice in a high altitude rock face in Chile, a shaded woodland a dry hill slope in Japan or a sandy free draining seaside dune in New Zealand we can begin to get more of an idea what type plants we need and how adaptable they can be for urban living spaces. Together with this idea of what we need in this changed environment we combine the skills of plant breeders. These breeders with a lot of help from nature come up with numerous attractive varieties which give us longer lasting and more easily maintained plants for the small garden or balcony container and our long term enjoyment. Today we have a much wider choice of plants for these close to house spaces than ever before and through the MyPlant selection process we now bring many of these exciting plants from our own breeding and our international breeder colleagues for everyone to enjoy and decorate the new ‘outdoor room’.
If you live in North West Europe the thought of anywhere being sun baked and dry may seem ludicrous in past summers but try sitting against a white or light coloured wall on a sheltered balcony or patio even on a normal summer day for hour after hour without protection then maybe you can sense the drying heat your plants must tolerate. If you try the same test in winter then a sense of how strong a plant must be can be appreciated. In such situations and especially without optimum care the choice of plant is crucial so that you get the best value for your money.
In selecting plants for the MyPlant range we want to explore all possibilities and boundaries to conventional patio and balcony gardening and take the complication out of gardening to leave more time for the enjoyment which is ultimately what the garden, balcony or patio is for.
Over the coming months we will highlight some of our MyPlant introductions to give a seasonal attraction to your living space no matter how large or small. Hopefully you will come prepared into 2009 for more adventurous container and small space gardening. We want you to consider plant shape, form and foliage more as a year round exciting solution for your outdoor home. In the long term we want you the customer to get a good feeling about your plants but more importantly your living space. Like many things in life it is not what we sell to you that is appreciated the most, it is how our plants help make you feel which is the longer lasting gift. In difficult times more than anytime we like to be surrounded by some special things. We believe our plants are such special living things that give all the natural green benefits of nature year round.

You don’t need to own a garden to enjoy a plant and you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy MyPlant™.

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