Saturday, May 16, 2009

Drought tolerant plant for containers

A tough drought tolerant plant for Balcony and Patio gardens.
Fasciularia bicolor
Scarlett Pineapple. For the small balcony or patio space we have plants such as the hardy Bromelia Fascicularia bicolor from mountainous cliff faces of Chile which can resist the most difficult of conditions including drought, cold and exposure to wind. Commonly known as Scarlett Pineapple this plant looks fantastic all year round in a container and then once mature in September will give you a wonderful treat with its bright red foliage bract and metallic blue flower. Better again Scarlett Pineapple is extremely drought tolerant so requires little care once potted correctly in Shamrock MyPlant container compost mixed 2 parts Shamrock to 1 part MyPlant vermiculite. Scarlett PineApple has been grown by knowledgeable plants people since the late 80’s in UK and now can adorn even the most novice gardeners patio, balcony or garden a touch of exotica from South America yet thoroughly adaptable to your garden or outdoor living space a must for your collection and it will stay with you for years with little care. See for more information.

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